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Unique Background Solutions is a full service background check and drug screening provider. We are teaming with professional nursing school programs and clinical sites across North Carolina to help students enrolled in Nursing Programs obtain their credentials in the most secure manner possible.

We help the students by providing a low cost background check and drug test. In addition to verifying their eligibility, these credentials will also meet the requirements of the clinical sites they may visit during their program. Using Unique Background Solutions will limit the amount of money and time a student has to spend becoming compliant to work at a clinical site. As well, the clinical site can be assured that the student has been properly screened and using the most current information available.

We start by compiling the following comprehensive reports for the background screening process:

1. Social Security Report
2. NC AOC Repository Search
3. National Criminal Search
4. National Sex Offender Search
5. OIG / GSA Report

- ALL NAMES found on the SSN Report are also run through the criminal and sex offender databases.

- ALL records found on the National Criminal Search are confirmed at the local county level.

Unique Background Solutions also offers on-site drug testing. We will come onto your college campus and collect for the proper 10-Panel drug test. This drug test includes the following drug panels:

- Amphetamines (includes methamphetamine)
- Cocaine
- Marijuana
- Opiates
- Barbiturates
- Benzodiazepine
- Methadone
- Methaqualone
- Propoxyphene

Our drug testing also includes the services of a Medical Review Officer (MRO). All positive results returned by the lab will be reviewed and confirmed by the MRO and legitimate prescription use will be evaluated by the MRO as well; thus eliminating the chances for interruptions within the students eligibility process.

Unique Background Solutions has been providing drug testing for over 10 years and is directly connected to the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. We are currently working with colleges and clinical sites by providing a low cost but compliant background screening service for students and clinical sites.



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