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The following is a list of our most commonly used services:

Business Credit
This search provides financial information and payment trends as reported by creditors, may also contain UCC filings, banking information, ownership data and public records.

Civil Case Records
This search provides file or case number; dates of filings, plaintiffs, defendants, and location. May also contain probate and divorce filings.

Consumer Credit
This search indicates consumer payment history as reported by creditors. Includes name verification, address verification, accounts, account balances, social security number verification, civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, previous addresses and present, and past employment.

County Criminal Record
This search provides date of filing, defendant name, case number, charges and available disposition. Most compliant criminal search available.

DMV Drivers Record
This search identifies driver by physical description, proving history of violation and actions against the individual. In most states status, issue and expiration date, suspensions and activities and license class are provided.

Drug Testing
Urine, saliva and hair samples provide toxicology results for 5, 9, 10, Alcohol or DOT panel.

Education Verification
This search verifies college or university attended, dates of attendance, earned diploma and date of graduation. Honor graduation may also be verified.

Employment Verification
This search verifies dates of employment, position held, salary earned and additional information which may be provided by the employer.

Federal Court Records
This search provides U.S. District civil, criminal and bankruptcy information. It provides court actions, case number, filing date and defendant.

Foreign Criminal
This search provides data accumulated by the Federal Government of criminal activity in foreign countries.

National Criminal Record
This search provides records, from a national database, of known adjudicated cases. Name of defendant, date of filing, charge, court number, disposition and sentence is listed. Some cases may be incomplete. A county level search on cases found is highly recommended.

North Carolina Daily Monitoring
This search provides information on the next business day of any criminal activity, including driving records, excluding infractions, which occurred on the previous day in the state of North Carolina and recorded by the county clerk of court.

Sex Offender Registry
This search provides information of any registered sex offender within a state or county.

State Criminal
This search provides criminal history data in the state repository of records from county clerks offices that include: charge, date of charge; disposition, sentence.

Social Security Report
This report provides information from credit bureaus regarding individuals that have used a social security number to include age, names and addresses used. It will validate the SSN and list what state the SSN was issued as well as what year(s).

Screening & Report Services