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Unique Background Solutions is proud to announce our NC Daily Criminal Monitoring for employer's. The opportunity to have updated information sent automatically via e-mail to a company 365 days a year, is now being offered.  The automatic search tool can provide information within 24 hours of criminal or motor vehicle charges being issued by law enforcement in North Carolina. This is of most particular importance when organizations have employees / volunteers that:

1. Drive company vehicles

2. Enter into private homes and/or private property

3. Work directly with children and elderly

4. Work with the disabled

5. Directly handle monies



Unique Background Solutions is pleased to offer a national criminal monitoring service called CRIMWatch.  This service will run your applicant or volunteers name through our national criminal database every 30 days.   

CRIMWatch offers a more comprehensive approach to your workplace crime mitigation strategy. This service helps you to continue your due dilegence with post employment screening.  With CRIMWatch, you can now greatly improve your efforts to create a more safe and secure workplace.

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