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4 Steps to Securing Employee Buy-in

by | Nov 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

As business owners and operators we often examine metrics to forecast how to best serve our customer base, and in turn, we work to create products or services that will best serve them in the long run. By looking into these key aspects of our business we can feel confident that we are serving the customer to the best of our ability, while continually improving our the products and services that we offer them. Well, one of the most important metrics that is often overlooked is right under our noses, and often is not available as an excel spreadsheet, or google analytics. What is this golden metric you might ask? It is closer to home than you might expect, that metric is Employee Buy-In.

What is Employee Buy-In you might ask? Study.com defines employee buy-in as “commitment and dedication to the mission and/or goals of a company/group,” further they state that “Buy-in promotes engagement and a willingness to go the extra mile on the job.” When we hire someone to do a job within our company or group, we should be certain that they are on board with our company’s ideals, and directives. So, in the below paragraphs we will be examining what it takes to define, and maintaining that key metric of Employee Buy-In.

In order to maintain a work environment and outcomes that hold up to the standards you have set as an owner or operator, then maintaining Employee Buy-In is a key factor to success in your field. By giving employees the tools they need to have pride in their company and their positions you are ensuring that not only will your outcomes become more

When we are looking at candidates for all positions within our company or group, we should make sure that the criteria needed for the position being applied for are clearly communicated up front during the hiring process. This can be as simple or as complex as the position allows for. For example, if the posting calls for the candidate to be standing for a period of the day, then it should be communicated within the job posting the average amount of time the worker can expect to be performing those standing duties during their day or shift. Small efforts as above can create an immediate understanding between those applying with your company, and those who they will be working with.

Some companies will institute programs that reward workers when certain goals or objectives have been met. This is one way that employees can showcase their own personal skill sets, or personalities to earn themselves an extra thirty minutes at lunch, or perhaps even an extra vacation day. By providing incentives for meeting company goals you are telling your employees that they are a valuable part of the team and that their efforts will be rewarded betone their agreed-upon benefits and salary, and it is efforts like these that will strengthen your employee’s pride and efforts in getting the job done.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of all great organizations, and being clear about how your team runs will go a long way when new employees are welcomed to the family. As company leaders it is important to make sure that employees understand when they are expected to begin work and what their duties are once on the job, and conversely it is important to speak to those workers who are not pulling their own weight by simply stating your expectations, and asking why it is that they are not meeting them. This level of communication can cut to the issue at hand and give your employee the feeling that you are open to their answers while still standing by your principles as a company or leader.

Our final step in securing Employee Buy-In come down to one simple word: Honesty. When you are open and honest with your employees and give them an environment to work in where they feel that their needs are met, and they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, then you are that much closer to being sure that they are committed and dedicated to the mission and/or goals of a company/group that they are working with.

As leaders, we are often confused when employees are not performing to the expectations of our company, group, or position, and that can lead us to lose sight of performance and objectives. Using the above four steps, we can feel confident that those in our employees are informed, motivated, and given an opportunity to be heard when adjustments are needed. And, if we do so in an honest and open manner then we can rest easy that our employees feel proud of their positions, and are committed to meeting the very same goals as the rest of their teammates and work family.

Here at Unique Background Solutions, we strive to stay up to date with the latest in developing products and services that can help further your confidence that you are able to make the best decisions when hiring or working with current employees to ensure a positive working environment.

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