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New Fingerprinting Service for Companies and Individuals

by | Aug 21, 2020 | News

Unique background Solutions has begun a new fingerprinting service for companies and individuals alike.  We have partnered with Carolina Fingerprinting, LLC,  the premiere fingerprint company in North Carolina and South Carolina. We are now offering these services in our Charlotte and Winston-Salem locations.  Appointments are required.

What is Fingerprinting?

The act of recording a person’s unique fingerprint patterns. Since it has been scientifically proven that no two people have the exact same fingerprints, this is considered the gold standard for personal identification.

What are fingerprints used for?

Fingerprints are a primary method for establishing a person’s identity. In addition to criminal cases, they are often used for:

  • Background checks for employment, tenancy, adoption, etc.
  • Obtaining government contracts
  • Professional licenses
  • FINRA registration
  • Establishing identity in a foreign country (Apostile)
  • Establishing the identity of missing persons (KidScan)

How are fingerprints taken?

Our partnership with Carolina Fingerprinting offers you two options, both of which our mobile business model will bring directly to you at a location of your choice.

Whichever method you prefer, Unique Background Solutions with Carolina Fingerprinting is the regions premier MOBILE fingerprinting option. We strive for excellence and are committed to providing you a comfortable, convenient and high-quality fingerprinting experience.

Here at Unique Background Solutions, we strive to stay up to date with the latest in developing products and services that can help further your confidence that you are able to make the best decisions when hiring or working with current employees to ensure a positive working environment.

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