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Criminal Records

We are experts at searching for county, state, federal, and international criminal records.

County Criminal Record Search

County level searches are the bedrock foundation of a quality background check.

Felony and misdemeanor records are obtained directly from county courthouses, and reviewed for quality and accuracy by trained, FCRA certified team members. This added step enhances your screening program and enables a higher level of confidence when making hiring decisions.

Statewide Criminal Record Search

A Statewide criminal record check can cast a greater net and serves as a strong complementary tool to uncover criminal activity.

Criminal Records are often provided by counties to a statewide repository. This useful screening technique identifies additional criminal records. However, information found will be confirmed through the originating jurisdiction, to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws.

National Criminal Record Search

This complementary screening solution is most often used as a beginning search for all our clients.

This search pulls information from thousands of sources across the country. Information found will be validated through the originating jurisdiction, to ensure higher compliance with local, state and federal laws. Our compliance focused team ensures you do not receive inaccurate or incomplete information when making a hiring decision.

Federal Criminal Record Search

A Federal Criminal Records Search identifies criminal cases not found through any other criminal records search.

There are 94 federal courts across the U.S. and we offer multiple options to search on a local, state or national basis. Federal cases typically involve violations of federal criminal law, such as: tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, immigration law violations, postal offenses, interstate drug trafficking, arms violations, kidnapping. Our team works through the “name match only” challenges that trip up other background screeners.

International Criminal Records Search

An International Criminal Records Search identifies records committed outside for outside the United States.

Criminal Records Checks are available around the globe. Our team understands the cultural and screening nuances that are common in other parts of the world. We know, by country, if the best place to search is at a national, state or provincial level.

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